Is HP Pavilion G60 LCD Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Really Zero

In the modern society, computers have become an indispensable tool in our life and work. However, the computer has brought us all the convenience, but also a untouchable “invisible killer” – electromagnetic radiation, which unconsciously harm our health. The computer excessive electromagnetic radiation is becoming a threat to our health, one of the new risks.

Electromagnetic radiation and its hazards Electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon that the electromagnetic waves from the inside release the energy, which is a new kind of pollution in modern society. We are constantly affected by electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, military radar and so on. It can be said, as long as there is electrical equipment, there is electromagnetic radiation, the difference lies only in the frequency and intensity of electromagnetic radiation of a difference in terminology, and the degree of different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation on human body is different.

Now, with the rapid growing freqency of computer usage, more and more people work sitting in front of the computer for a long time, and many friends there had headache, palpitations, bradycardia, fatigue, decreased immune function and other symptoms, even more severe some people are easily to be excited and get insomnia symptoms, which are more or less electromagnetic radiation result in. Because the impact of electromagnetic radiation from laptop accessories, like dell adp-70eb adapter on the human body is a long process, only a small handful of occasions with greater intensity will significantly affect the human body (such as radar, near EHV substations, etc.) in the short term. Consquently, develop good habits is more conducive to maintaining good health, such as when using computers, every half-hour break is quite essential.

CRT monitors is the biggest emitter! When it comes to electromagnetic radiation computer, CRT monitor is the most serious. For the display of the low-frequency electromagnetic fields, the major manufacturers take two approaches to solve. The first one is used for high voltage power supply monitor, through the compensation coil suppression of its low-frequency electromagnetic field, this method is relatively limited role; the second is to strengthen the display shielding design, that is emitted from the display direction of electromagnetic radiation.

And compared to CRT, LCD screen panel electromagnetic radiation is much smaller, mainly because LCD’s work way is very different with CRT, and there is neither HP Pavilion G60 LCD Screen high-voltage electron gun inside, nor generating radiation because of the impact on particle; but this does not mean the electromagnetic radiation of LCD is “zero”. LCD backlight system needs a high voltage power supply to drive, it has also become the largest LCD electromagnetic radiation.